New Stina Persson Illustrations

With IDUN Minerals taking bold strides towards becoming a more sustainable brand, updating the packaging with more environmentally friendly options became a company priority. During the process of searching for new packaging solutions and materials, came the opportunity to redesign the illustrations imprinted on the packaging.

IDUN Minerals’ Creative Team, describes the inspiration behind the new artwork:

When we decided to update our packaging to more sustainable solutions, we also chose to replace the paintings we had on the packaging. We wanted something that felt more fresh, playful and inspiring. We came across Stina Persson and her illustrations in watercolour and immediately knew it was the right fit for IDUN as Stinas painting style is very fluid, just like makeup. We then let her do her own interpretation of the ancient Norse goddess Idun where a more contemporary version came to life.

Known for her unmistakable fashion figures, dynamic lines, and the bold colours that have become her trademark, the appeal of her work lies in her ability to make each piece look effortless. Her signature style lives at the intersection of edgy and traditional, guided by the credo that it should always be beautiful, but never perfect.

The new artwork can be found on several of IDUN Minerals new packaging, transcending modern, beautiful, yet perfectly imperfect beauty.