Foundation Guide

Find your right foundation

Finding the right foundation that suits your skin and gives you the result you want can be very challenging. Do you prefer a liquid foundation with higher coverage or powder foundation with light to medium coverage? Or maybe you just prefer a tinted day cream? We at IDUN Minerals offers different options so you
can find whatever works best for you. What all our foundations have in commonis that they contain highly purified minerals, are dermatologically tested, suitable for even the most sensitive skin, are vegan and fragrance-free.

Powder Foundation

Regardless of your skin type, IDUN Minerals Powder Foundation is well suited for you who is looking for a mild formula. If you have sensitive, unbalanced or acne-proneskin you will like this powder foundation, as it allows the skin to breathe all day. This foundation is also very suitable for those who have rosacea or very irritated skin. Formulated with only four highly purfied minerals, it also provides SPF15. Our powder foundation is one of the few make up products that is recommended by Asthma and Allergy Nordic.

Powder Foundation


A liquid foundation with lighter coverage. IDUN Minerals foundation Norrsken is especially suitable people with dry skin but also works for all skin types looking to achieve a light to medium coverage. The formula has a weightless feeling and leaves your skin radiant with a subtle glow infused with lingonberry seed oil and vitamin E. Gives you a natural result every time. Norrsken embraces your skin with important ingredients that prevents your skin from getting dry and leaves you with a beautiful glow. For best results apply Norrsken using IDUN Minerals Liquid Foundation Brush or Make Up sponge. Norrsken is available in 18 different shades and works for both darker and lighter skin tone.

Nordic Veil

A liquid foundation with Medium to Full coverage. IDUN Minerals Nordic Veil is especially good for anyone with oily skin but is developed for all skin types looking to achieve a full coverage, correcting effect. Nordic Veil does not clog the pores or dry out the skin. You get a matte finish with a long-lasting result. The formula is enriched with minerals that protects the skin and gives you a smoother look, enriched With Vitamin E and Apple Seed Oil. To achieve the best result, we recommend you applying Nordic Veil with IDUN Minerals Liquid Foundation Brush or damp Make up Sponge. Nordic Veils comes in 9 different shade for both light and dark skin tones.


IDUN Minerals Len is a tinted day cream that suits all skin types. It’s perfect for anyone who does not want to use foundation, and instead wants a very light coverage. Len moisturizes and gives you a natural color correcting result with the same qualities of a regular day cream. Our tinted day cream is completely vegan formulated with highly purified minerals, and moisturizing oils. The formula is incredibly gentle on the skin and helps calm irritated and inflamed skin. With vitamin C, glycerin and PCA you will fill your skin with nutrition and moist when using Len. The oils from canola, shea and olive give you a natural glow IDUN Minerals Len comes in 6 different shades for darker and lighter skin tones.

Choose the right shade

Finding the perfect shade that matches your skin tone can be quite tricky, we at IDUN Minerals want to help you with our simple foundation guide. Here are some tips that are good if you want a foundation that blends in correctly with your skin tone.

 1. Which result do you want to achieve?

Before you start looking at shades of foundation you should start thinking about the result you want to achieve. Do you want a full coverage or light coverage foundation? A formula that gives you a matte finish or one that gives you glow? And what type of formula do you prefer liquid or powder?

The choice is yours.

2. Test different shades on your skin

When you are trying to find the right shade for your skin tone it’s a good idea to test directly on your face. We recommend using at least three shades to see which blends out best with your skin tone. Then apply them next to each other on the jawline. For the best result test the foundation if possible all over your face to get the full picture. Avoid the hands and arms since that can give you a misleading impression. If you can barely see that you have applied anything it’s a good match. It means that the shade blends into your skin perfectly and that it is the right shade for you.

3. Avoid shades that is darker than your skin tone

Choosing a darker shade than your own skin tone may give you an uneven result. It will be more difficult to achieve a natural finish if you have the wrong shade. The shades shift during different seasons. Your skin tone changes depending on which season it is. It’s very important to have one foundation that’s a little lighter and one that’s a little darker.
Remember that you can always mix them together to achieve the perfect shade that matches your skin tone.

4. Always moisturize first for the best result

Providing your skin with a moisturizing day cream before applying foundation will give you a much longer result. A good day cream followed by a good primer will help your foundation achieve a smoother and a longer result that lasts all day.