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For us, clean beauty is about developing high-performance products that respect the environment, animals, and care for your skin, by carefully selecting ingredients and designing packaging with sustainability in mind.​

Clean beauty means that we strive to continuously improve all aspects of our products in all steps of the supply chain.

Here is what clean beauty means to us – and what you can be assured to get when you choose our products.

There is no short, easy definition for clean beauty. For us, clean beauty is also about transparency & responsibility, to help you navigate across all the (mis)information you can find about beauty products and provide you with amazing products that you can use with peace of mind. Our Ingredient Glossary details every single one of our ingredients, so you can learn more about what is in our products.

High-performance formulas and high-quality results. Because clean beauty does not mean you have to compromise on results, whether it is makeup, skincare or haircare products.

Infused with ultra-purified minerals and ingredients that protect and care for the skin. By selecting science-backed ingredients with proven results, well-documented ingredients and purified minerals, we strive to create formulas that your skin will love.


Our formulas are developed for all skin types, including the most sensitive. We do not use fragrance or essential oils in our makeup or skincare. Our mineral makeup products contain highly purified minerals, which means that they are purified from impurities such as nickel and chromium that can otherwise trigger allergic reactions. All our products are either dermatologically or ophthalmologically tested. Our mineral powder foundation is the only makeup product recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic.

Short ingredient lists with well-documented ingredients & no unnecessary additives: We keep our ingredient lists short, with well-documented ingredients that are well-tolerated by the skin, whether they are synthetic or natural.

Mostly vegan & completely cruelty-free: Today, 99% of our products are vegan and we aim to have a 100% vegan assortment. All our vegan products carry the I’M VEGAN logo and are approved by Djurens Rätt (which means Animal Rights in Swedish), ensuring that they are vegan and cruelty-free.

100% of our product formulations produced in Europe: Our skincare and haircare products are made in Sweden, while all our makeup products are manufactured in Europe. More information about the country of origin of each product can be found on their dedicated product page.


We have conducted extensive research to map our ingredients sources to identify sustainable improvements and we aim to achieve full traceability from cradle to grave.

We continuously evaluate our ingredients to reduce their environmental impact, all the way from their production to their impact after use. For example, we do not use microplastics as they can end up in the ocean and harm aquatic life,  nor PFAS as they are very environmentally persistent. Palm oil is linked to deforestation and we make sure that all palm oil derived ingredients are RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified. Regarding mica, we only work with raw materials suppliers that do not use child labour. You can read more about the ingredients in our FAQ.