Born in Stockholm more than 12 years ago, on International Women’s Day, IDUN Minerals is a beauty brand that combines high-performance formulas and high-quality results, thanks to ingredients that protect and care for the skin. The products are formulated in close cooperation with researchers and dermatologists and are developed for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Striving for inclusiveness, the assortment consists of a wide shade range infused with highly purified minerals. With the ambition to be a sustainable beauty brand, IDUN Minerals has an increased focus on local production, transparency, becoming 100 % vegan, and reducing the environmental impact of its products. 

Celebrating products that have won awards from the Swedish Beauty Awards, the Scandinavian Global Makeup Awards, been recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic and carrying the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, IDUN Minerals becomes a widely recognized high-quality clean beauty brand. Simply pure and clean. 


"My ambition with IDUN Minerals is to always be at the forefront of science-based, conscious beauty.

I want to take conscious beauty even further, by 2030 IDUN Minerals will have a circular business model.

That is our promise and responsibility towards humans, animals and nature." - Caroline Thunstedt