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In our journey to becoming a high-end conscious beauty brand, we are ready to make the changes we can in order to minimize our environmental impact. For the past years, we have overseen all our packaging to improve their sustainability design. This means that our packaging will include many new, cleaner and more sustainable looks, while retaining the same trusted formula.

By 2025 we also aim to have all our packaging made in Europe, and we are well on our way achieving it. In the beginning of 2024, 80% of our total packaging is already manufactured in Europe, and the final European packaging will be launched throughout the year.

Our commitment to our sustainability efforts means that our packaging transformation will be an ongoing journey as we continuously strive to improve our sustainability design.


We want to use as little material as possible for our packaging. While our packaging has become smaller and lighter, the product weight and volume remain constant (or has increased). We only use an outer carton when necessary to provide required product information.


For our new packaging we try to have as much post-consumer recycled materials (PCR) as possible. We aim to use as much PCR our suppliers can provide and consistently update this percentage as our suppliers offer higher levels of recycled content. We are also looking into the possibility to have refill-products, but it has been hard to find suitable refill-packaging made in Europe. However, as a first step, we have launched refills for our eyeshadow palettes.


The new packaging is designed with a focus on improved recyclability. We prioritize the use of recyclable materials such as PE, PP, and PET plastics, along with paper and mono-materials whenever feasible. In cases where the packaging comprises multiple materials, we want the parts to be easily separable to facilitate effective sorting.

Packaging Transformation

lip gloss

By changing our lip gloss packaging to mono-material tubes, the weight is 82% less compared to the previous packaging - this equals a saving of 742 kg of plastic per year*. The mono-material PE tube is also better designed for recycling, just remove the cap from the tube and sort both as plastic. Moreover, we increased the product volume with 33% (from 6 ml to 8 ml).


blush & bronzer

The blush/bronzer packaging is now made in FSC-certified paper. This makes us save 2,27 tons of non-recyclable plastic per year*. The metal pan is designed for easy separation – simply press the bottom to release it, then sort as metal and paper. In spring 2023 we did carbon emission calculations together with U&We, the study showed that the European paper compact had approximately 75% less climate emissions compared to the Asian plastic compact.


Our lipsticks are now encased by a new mono-material packaging with 95% PCR PP-plastic. The new packaging is also 46% lighter and saves 718 kg of plastic per year*. Make sure to sort the packaging as plastic when recycling.


Our single eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes are now enclosed in clear PET-compacts, 48% and 44% lighter than previous compacts which saves a total of 1,00 ton of plastic per year*. At the bottom of each single eyeshadow, there's a hole to pop out the metal pan for sorting and recycling. In the eyeshadow palettes, you'll find holes next to the metal pans for easy removal too. We are now offering refill for our eyeshadow palettes once your favourite shade is empty.

* Based on 2023 sales