In our journey to becoming a high-end sustainable beauty brand, we are ready to make the changes we can in order to minimize our environmental impact.

We are currently overseeing all our packaging to improve their sustainability design. This means that the upcoming years will include many new, cleaner and more sustainable looks, while retaining the same trusted formula.

For more information about the packaging, look for the packaging symbols on the respective product.


Today, 75 % of our packaging is recyclable. Our goal is that all our packaging will be either recyclable, refillable, reduced in material, made from renewable resources, or recycled materials.

We aim to use mono materials so the packaging is easily recyclable.

The new packaging has a smarter design. When a product requires different materials the packaging should be uncomplicated to disassemble in order to simplify recycling.

The plastic we use is, as far as we can, made from either recyclable or renewable resources.

For example, the tubes in our skincare line are made from sugarcane and can be recycled as plastic and our 2-in-1 Pressed Powder and Foundation is made from 100 % PCR plastic.


We focus on the results of the makeup with the right sustainable packaging materials. We try to cut unnecessary material without compromising the luxurious appearance.

We have reduced our packaging for the skincare line by up to 87 %, which equals a reduction in material by 4,5 tons per year.

For a reduced environmental impact our mascaras are now 50 % lighter. At the moment we are in the process of updating the rest of our makeup-line.


68 % of our product packaging is produced in Europe, our goal is that 100 % will be produced in Europe by 2025. 100 % of our skincare line is produced in Sweden.

We want our customers to be conscious of their choices and therefore, we want to be as transparent as we can. By 2022 we aim to have full traceability of our products from cradle to grave.