New, More Sustainable Packaging

The Swedish beauty brand IDUN Minerals is undergoing an extensive packaging change this autumn - one of several upcoming ventures by Caroline Thunstedt, who recently took up the position as CEO of the company. IDUN Minerals 2.0 presents new packaging and illustrations however, with the same high quality formula.


Through a sustainability mindset that permeates both production and design, IDUN Minerals continues to travel towards offering exclusive, high quality and sustainable beauty for everyone. In order to reduce transport and carbon dioxide emissions, IDUN Minerals has placed the production of all new packaging within the EU with a focus on local production. In addition to contributing to reduced transport distances, the brand now also gets better insight into working conditions and which energy sources are used in the factories. Black plastic has been completely excluded from the new packaging and mono-materials have been used in order to facilitate the recycling process, including the new lipstick packaging which is produced completely in the same kind of plastic. The new packaging will also receive the "I'M VEGAN" label by Djurens Rätt that verifies that the product is completely vegan and cruelty-free.

“Our vision is to be a beauty alternative that improves for humans, animals and nature. We have an ambition to minimize our environmental impact for continued sustainable development for both society and the environment. For us, it is one long-term commitment and work that affects everyone in the organization and to achieve a circular business model until the year 2030, we have, among other things, begun to review our packaging. Our focus with the packaging change is to reduce unnecessary material and, as far as possible, use mono-materials that facilitate the recycling process. If this is not possible, we would like to simplify the disassembling of the various materials, use recycled materials or offer packaging with refills. Our new bronzer and blush packaging components for example, including the metal plate and carton, can be easily separated when it is time to recycle them." - Anna Agardh, CSR Coordinator IDUN Minerals

The new packaging will be gradually phased into stores and the change is expected to be fully completed by 2025. Phasing in the packaging change is a decision based on the brand's sustainability strategy to avoid unnecessary disposal of products that carried the old packaging. It is also the most extensive part of the change that is required that the production process has been restructured at all stages.


In addition to sustainable design and materials, the new packaging will also have a completely new look including both outer and product packaging. The new look of the packaging goes according to IDUN Minerals slogan simply pure and clean where dark colours are replaced by light and angular shapes by soft ones. The Swedish artist Stina Persson's colourful illustrations in watercolour will adorn the new outer packaging to retain part of the look that has been a hallmark of the brand, but in new modern vintage. The illustrations are inspired by the goddess Idun who is depicted in the form of a strong contemporary woman in bright, vibrant colours and goes in line with the brand's new direction. The new packaging that will be rolled out in stores in November is IDUN Minerals' Liquid Mineral Foundation Norrsken and Nordic Veil followed by the brand's best-selling lipsticks and eyeliners.