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Immaculate intensity in a single stroke, IDUN Minerals Liquid Eye Pen Bläck imparts a matte black colour payoff in a vegan, long-wearing formula infused with charcoal and highly purified mineral pigments. The fluid texture glides on the lids with ease as the fine, felt-tip applicator delivers high-precision, long-lasting lines for all-day wear.

0,6 ml / 0.02 fl oz

    Position the tip of the felt applicator in the inner corner of the eye, at the root of the upper lashes and swiftly draw a line along the lash line, going from the inner corner toward the outer corner. For a winged line, draw a thin, diagonal line extending from the outer eye corner toward the crease, using the outer corner of your brows as an angle guide.

    Charcoal Powder Gives an intense matte black colour to the formula.

    C.I. 77499 (Iron Oxides) Highly purified mineral pigments for an intense black colour.

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    What It Is

    Black liquid eyeliner infused with charcoal and mineral pigments in a long-lasting, formula featuring a calligraphy like, fine felt-tip applicator.

    What It Does

    The angled, felt applicator glides over the lids leaving behind an ultra-fine line of intense, black colour.

    The Result

    Eyes lined with intensity in an opaque matte black.