119 kr
Andorn the lids in an elegant pop of colour. IDUN Minerals Eyeshadow Brush features slender, sturdy, flat bristles with softly rounded tips. The slim shape makes it perfect to diffuse colour across the lash line or in the crease as the elongated flat silky sides press and pack pigment across the lids with ease.

Using the flat elongated sides of the brush, press eyeshadow across the lids in light strokes. Using the slim soft tip, blur out colour across the lash line for a contoured effect or for a defined pop of colour in the crease.

Taklon The bristles are in taklon, a luxurious synthetic vegan fiber that is hypoallergenic and gentle on the most sensitive skin.

What It Is

Slender soft bristles with a perfectly rounded contour.

What It Does

Picks up and deposits colour in a smooth stroke with an easily buildable effect.

The Result

Bold, highly-pigmented or elegantly soft eyeshadow.