119 kr

Softly rounded edges for a sophisticated smoky eye effect. IDUN Minerals Blending Brush is packed with lush, slightly elongated bristles for a seamless blending motion of eyeshadow. The fluffy fullness of the tip ensures an effortless transition from one colour to another and perfectly diffuses sharp lines.

Dip the fluffy tip into your IDUN Minerals Mineral Eyeshadow and gently apply to the lids, blending back and forth or in circular blending motions.

Taklon The bristles are in taklon, a luxurious synthetic vegan fiber that is hypoallergenic and gentle on the most sensitive skin.

What It Is

Fluffy tipped brush with slightly elongated bristles.

What It Does

The feather soft bristles melt colour into the skin with no harsh edges.

The Result

Perfectly blended to a soft-focus finish.