199 kr
Effortlessly create the perfect canvas. IDUN Minerals Liquid Foundation Brush is a uniquely designed tool debuting an angled flat surface of densely-packed bristles that seamlessly blend and evenly distribute your liquid foundation. Unparalleled precision and control for immaculate blending, leaving behind a streak-free, silky, smooth finish.

Begin by applying IDUN Minerals Liquid Mineral Foundation Norrsken or Nordic Veil to the centre of the face. Using your IDUN Minerals Liquid Foundation Brush, gently blend out the formula with the shorter angled bristles leading the way, allowing for the longer bristles to follow behind enhancing the blending effect.

Taklon The bristles are in taklon, a luxurious synthetic vegan fiber that is hypoallergenic and gentle on the most sensitive skin.

What It Is

Slanted flat surfaced brush for liquid foundation.

What It Does

The myriad of tightly packed fine bristles softly blend out liquid textures.

The Result

Evenly coated, uniformly textured skin.