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Artikel: Natural Earthy Taurus Look!

Natural Earthy Taurus Look!

Natural Earthy Taurus Look!

Welcome Taurus Season– April 19 – May 20

Happy birthday and solar return to every Taurus out there, this is Your time of the Year!

Taurus Season is here and will help every zodiac sign to get grounded, practical, devoted, romantic, sensual and attract a luxury silver lining to your life!

Welcome to an astrologically eventful month filled with two extremes: Planetary chaos and the calm, stable and sensual energy of Fixed Earth sign Taurus.

When the Sun enters Fixed Earth sign Taurus in 19-20/4, we still are in the “post-eclipse” rollercoaster together with Mercury Retrograde.

The air of unexpected opportunities associated with the April’s spectacular Solar Eclipse, will be even more intense during one of this year’s most powerful conjunctions. A once in a 14-year kind of an experience when Jupiter (planet of luck), and Uranus, (planet of sudden changes/chock), conjoining 20/4 in earthy Taurus sign!

Be now prepared for twists and turns in values, relationships, luck, romance, career, earnings, and material possessions. For some these dates will be all about luck, for others it can push you to live on the edge. There is not much to do but buckle up for this major planetary ride!

As a perfect counterpoint to this slightly chaotic energy, the overall spirit of Taurus is all about stability and patience, and to move slowly, steadily, and calmly forward in life. So, the best way for you to navigate the bumpy roads is to get grounded, go out in nature, find harmony and be practical. 

Few days later, the Full Moon enters passionate Scorpio (23/4) and Venus, the powerful planet of love, beauty, and pleasure, enters its home sign Taurus (29/4). These dates will set the tone for the whole Taurus season with a big Love-WOW-factor!

As Taurus also adores harmony, leisure, pleasure, romance, material possessions and luxury it is now a perfect time to fulfill your desires for passion, sex, decadence and to add that little “extra” into your life!

The amplified romantic mist of Venus will remain throughout the month in the Taurus sign and will also get extra energy from fighter planet Mars later in the season. Use the New Moon in Taurus (7/5) and Mother’s Day (12/5) to attract and manifest more love into your life and move towards all your desires! You who have thought about taking your relationship to the next level, now is time to level up! You who are single have wonderful opportunities all month long, so keep your flirt-antennas up and “May the 4th” be with you! You are here to life your life to the fullest and put some luxury to it!

  • It is time to be romantic, get grounded and embrace more love and beauty to your life!

Abundance & Love dates: 20–23/4, 29/4–4/5, 6-8/5, 12-16/5

Taurus Beauty – Natural bronze

Down-to-earth Taurus season reminds you to embrace the gifts of Mother Nature. Let your natural beauty bloom out, embrace the warmth of the sun and improve the sun-kissed feeling with extra bronze details and natural glow. It is now a perfect time to remind yourself every day that you are truly amazing as you are. You are beautiful just the way you are, you are a shining natural star!

For beauty tips, we recommend going for a natural make-up look, using Moisturizing Mineral Skin Tint SPF 30 and a bronzed glow using Shimmering Mineral Bronzer Midnattssol. Try adding some pop of pink and green to your makeup up using Mineral Eyeshadow Palette Vitsippa.

Taurus Health – Get grounded

The Taurus health season is all about slowing down, taking your time and getting grounded. Now is a perfect time to relax, chill, and surround you with nature. Root yourself and find your anchoring and your security, in the present now. Welcome a time of mindfulness, yoga, and meditation, but also remember to awaken your passionate persona. Let yourself be swept away and indulge romance (and sex) to its fully!

Monthly Self-care fire ritual

  1. Get grounded. Think that you are sending an anchor to ground from your feet.
  2. Breathe deeply 3 times. Think that Mother Nature is embracing you. Loving you. Taking care of you. You get healing and energy from the ground, through your anchor.
  3. Repeat your monthly mantras three times and let the mantra fill you up with good vibes!
  4. Open your eyes and go out and indulge life!

Monthly Mantra:

”I am grounded. I am safe, anchored, and abundant.”

Season Crystals:

Sapphire (Birth Stones), Emerald (Birth stone/healing), Orange/yellow Aventurine (vitalizing/energy flow), Carnelian (Passion/Vitality/Sex), Tigers eye (Abundance), Garnet (Protection).  

Taurus Season Dos & Don’ts:

Do: Indulge life, add luxury, golden edge to life, everyday can be filled with a silver lining! Go out in nature, get grounded and surround yourself with beauty all around. Deepen all kind of relationships and love. Flirt, be romantic, be sensual and be decadent. Work with your hands, be practical, steady. Find harmony and balance. Take it slowly. Take your time.

Don’t: Sudden changes, complications and when security in material things, or finances, are shaken.

Special Astro dates 19/4 – 20/5

  • 19/4 Sun enters Taurus sign,
  • 20/4 Conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. This once in 14 year’s event shouts out loud: Everything can happen now!
  • 23/4 Full moon in Scorpio, will give you intense lumination with a lot of passion, sex, love, and slightly chaotic energy. Perfect for decadent dating!
  • 25/4 Mercury goes direct in Aries. Please note that the post-retrograde shadow, known as the retroshade, is until May 13 and some star signs still might be affected by typical Mercury retrograde effects! So be aware communications misunderstandings, travel delays, and technology mix-ups, during these dates!
  • 29/4 Venus moves into its home sign Taurus! More love, passion, and sex on the table now!
  • 2/5 Planet Pluto goes in Retrograde. Now everything can happen!
  • 4/5 May the 4th be with you!
  • 7/5 New Moon in Taurus. Be romantic. Be decadent. Add luxury to your life!
  • 12/5 Mother’s Day. This day the Moon is in home-bound Cancer along with the lucky planet Jupiter and love-planet Venus is in Taurus. This gives you a perfect day for appreciation and fulfill your true potentials but also a positive influence on money matters!

About Taurus

Fixed Earth sign.

Ruling planet: Venus, the planet of love, abundance, luck, pleasure, relationships and beauty.  

Taurus is a natural ruler of the 2nd house, is the house of wealth, material possessions, personal finances, money, security in the material world but also covers emotions and beliefs around values, worth and self-worth.

Personality: Practical, devoted, luxury-loving, harmony-loving, responsible, stable, patient, romantic, compassionate, sensual, stubborn, possessive, and uncompromising.  

Colors: Green, pink and earthy colors!

Ruling Body parts: Throat, neck, and shoulders.   

Chakra: Heart chakra. 

Celeb Taurus: Miranda Kerr, Gigi Hadid, Renee Zellweger, Lily Allen, David Beckham, Adele, Channing Tatum, Megan Fox, Kelly Clarkson, John Cena, Joe Keery, Jessica Alba, Jerry Seinfeld, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  

Tarot card: The Hierophant. The Hierophant Tarot card represents moral spiritual wisdom, tradition, institutions, religious beliefs, righteousness, sacredness, and hierarchical order.  

Tanja Dyredand, our new professional astrologer at IDUN Minerals, what’s your fav about Taurus Season?

What is your fav about Taurus season? 

  • I personally love to get out in the Swedish woods during the Taurus season. You can see all the seasonal changes of the spring in the trees, the grass, and flowers now. It is a perfect time for all kind of grounding rituals in nature!

Any Astro date, you are looking forward to?

  • Yes, the day after the Sun enters Taurus, 20/4, it is time for the “luckiest day” of 2024. We will have an amazing conjunction between Jupiter (our planet of luck/abundance) and Uranus (planet for personnel expansion). Fill this date with whatever makes you happy. I have booked a lovely spa-night in an outdoor spa for self-love and spa-rituals!

By Tanja Dyredand ©

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