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Artikel: Fiery Active Aries Look!

Fiery Active Aries Look!

Fiery Active Aries Look!

Welcome Aries Season March 19 – April 19

Happy birthday and solar return to All Aries out there, this is Your time of the Year!

Aries Season is here and will help every zodiac sign to initiate renewal, new beginnings and explore passionate flame!

Aries, the first constellation of the new astrological year, marks new you, new possibilities, and to get things done.

The overall spirit of the Cardinal Fire sign Aries is intense, passionate, and hot fiery energy that reminds you to live every single day by your fullest.

In the beginning of this year’s Aries season there is a lot going on in the planetary world. 

When the Sun enters Aries 19-20/3, we also welcome the beloved time of Spring Equinox. Days gets longer, the Sun shines brighter and lights up chances for growth in all areas of life!

The Sun is our planet for self-fulfilling and helps us to move forward and bring transformative changes into life.

Just a few days later the Super Full Moon of Libra 25/3 and moon eclipse marks the beginning of this Year’s eclipse season. The Moon eclipse also brings up a perfect time to seek more balance and harmony into life. 

During most of the Aries season this year also our chatty planet Mercury transits in its Retrograde (April 1st – April 24th). As always when Mercury goes in retro this will create delays, confusion, and some frustration in the areas of communications, technology, and travels. However, if you are aware of the dates, make the best out of it and use it to do more “inner work” and “reflection”, and remember: Keep calm, your head clear, find a humorous way to look at chaotic things and this shall pass too!

The Aries are born to be the leader of the pack, determined, and competitive.  When the New Moon enters Aries in 8/4 accompanied by a Solar eclipse it is time to reveal your ambitious side. Climb that career ladder, write to-do-lists and be the courageous “doer”.

Sun Eclipses ignites surprising events and changes.  As Aries being ruled by Mars, our planet of drive, determination, warrior fight-spirit, sex, and passionate energy, as well as being the natural ruler of the 1st house of self, this year’s Solar Eclipse can mean hot romantic encounters or life changing happenings!

The new Zodiac year is here so let the Spirit of Aries help you to more spontaneous adventures, new beginnings, bloom even more and celebrate life with passionate devotion.

It is time to be bold, fiery and get high on life!

Abundance & Love dates: 20-23/3, 6-9/4, 18-21/4 

Aries Beauty – Amazingly Fiery bold

Aries is letting everyone know that you are here! Aries don’t excuse themselves at all. They are not only bold adapters of every new trend – They are Trend-setters! This daring zodiac sign embodies the fire elements in all aspects and brings them into life. Let your limitless imagination inspire you this season to dig into the palettes of red, orange, yellow and gold. Kiss goodbye to dull party nights and embrace them with a rich red lipstick on-fleek-kind-of a way! 

Makeup Tips: Try shimmering eyes with Single Eyeshadow Snöflinga, and deep, dark red shades on the lips such as Matte Lipstick Vinbär.

Aries Health – Work it!

The fiery Aries health season is all about activity and movement! Now it is the perfect time to let the fire within you burn. Find that movement that brings joy to your life, whatever that is! What about wonderful power walks and gaze in the upcoming springy Sun. Or why not go out clubbing, dance, laugh, twerk, and work it!

Monthly Self-care fire ritual

  1. Light a candle and gaze into the flame.
  2. Breathe deeply 3 times. Look at the flame and remind yourself about everything you love with yourself. All things you are proud of with yourself!
  3. Repeat your monthly mantras three times and let the mantra fill you up with good vibes!
  4. You are after the shower ready to dance with life! 

Monthly Mantra:

"I am amazing. I am fantastic.”

Season Crystals:

Clear Quartz (Birth Stones), Blood stone (grounding/protection), Carnelian (Passion/Vitality/Sex), Green Aventurine (Healing), Rose Quartz (Love).   

Aries Season Dos & Don’ts:

Do: Be vibrant, initiate new projects, new beginnings, renewal, new possibilities, spontaneous adventures, re-invent yourself, be bold, independent, competitive, ambitious, have fun, be active!

Don’t: Aries are stubborn. Don’t tell Aries they are wrong. 

Special Astro dates 19/3 – 19/4

  • 19-20/3, Sun enters Aries: It’s time for new beginnings and new possibilities. This is also the dates for Spring Equinox 2024, and we welcome longer lighter days!
  • 20-21/3, A very powerful conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus in the sign of Taurus. This conjunction brings out the rebel within you and pushes us to make changes to the better!  
  • 25/3, Libra Full Moon and moon eclipse, marks the beginning of the spring eclipse season. Reminds you to bring more balance and beauty into your life!
  • April 1 – April 24 – Mercury Retrograde. Delays, confusion, and misunderstandings in the areas of communications, travels, and technology. The signs most affected are Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aries, Leo, and Virgo.
  • 8/4 New Moon in Aries is all about make things done, to-do-lists, do career climbs, start new things, renew you!
  • 20/4 Major strong conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus. Bring out the rebellious you!

About Aries

Cardinal Fire sign.

Ruling planet: Mars, the planet of fire, energy, strength, determination, fighting-spirit, sex, and passionate energy.

Aries is a natural ruler of the 1st house, defined by the Ascendant is the house of self. Represents you, and governs your physical appearance, general temperament, characteristics, outlook, and expression.

Personality: Fiery, vibrant, passionate, ambitious, born leaders, frank, straightforward, flirty, competitive and get easily bored!   

Colors: Fire colors of red, yellow, orange, gold, and glitter!

Ruling Body parts: Head and eyes.  

Chakra: Solar plexus chakra.   

Celeb Aries: Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Kourthey Kardashian, Pedro Pascal, Leonardo DaVinci, Elton John, Robert Downey Jr.

Tarot card: The Emperor. The Emperor Tarot card represents a leader, ruler, symbol of domination, leadership, progress, strength, force, and strategic determination and limitless capability.    

Tanja, what’s your fav about Aries Season?

What is your fav about Aries season? 

  • I personally embrace the Aries season with grace, love, and gratefulness. It marks the beginning of the zodiac and astrological year. It brings a slice of fresh air to everything. It is a perfect time to writhe to-do-lists and make up new plans. Love it!

Any Astro date, you are looking forward to?

  • I love the Spring Equinox and celebrate old pagan “Ostara” as a celebration of life! We have a special Nordic shaman Ostara- ceremony, getting together up in north of Sweden in a fulfilling nature-retreat filled with meditation, breathwork, shamanic drum journeys and fire rituals! We dance and find gratefulness in all that is. It such an amazing way to welcome the light, life, and the upcoming spring! I wish everyone reading this could join me and experience it!



By Tanja Dyredand ©

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