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Shade: Kungsljus
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Enhance your eyes with a touch of colour from shimmery shades to matte tones. IDUN Minerals Mineral Single Eyeshadow adds an eye-opening layer of life to your lids, imbued with highly purified mineral pigments that ensure a colour-true, crease-resistant result. Each shade boasts a satin smooth vegan formula with a creamy soft powder feel that blends effortlessly.

3 g / 0.10 oz

Using IDUN Minerals eyeshadow brushes, lightly sweep Mineral Single Eyeshadow onto the lids using Eyeshadow Brush and Precision Eyeshadow Brush for a more intense look and Blending Brush for a softer finish.

Highly purified mineral pigments Such as C.I. 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), C.I. 77492 (Iron Oxides), C.I. 77491 (Iron Oxides), C.I. 77499 (Iron Oxides); add a rich even colour and are gentle on the skin.

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What It Is

Mineral Eyeshadow with plush pigments and tantalizing textures.

What It Does

A single swipe of Mineral Eyeshadow imparts rich colour with high pigmentation.

The Result

Embellished eyelids that transcend beauty and brilliance to your look.