Our vision is to be a beauty alternative that improves in consideration to people, animals and nature. We aim to minimize our environmental impact for the continued sustainable development of society and the environment. To work more sustainably in a sustainable world, we have to work together. IDUN Engage is a collective brand name for our social and environmental collaborations and sponsorships. IDUN Minerals is also working with several certifications and labels, read more about them here.
Alvik Basket is a basketball club in Stockholm with a big focus on inclusiveness and equality. Their vision is to become the best sports club in Europe for players and leaders where everyone should feel safe. Being born on international women’s day, IDUN Minerals will always support female empowerment and confidence and believes sports are a great way to improve well-being, both physically and mentally. For us, sports should be available and encouraged for all women of all ages. IDUN Minerals is therefore a proud sponsor of Alvik Basket and their female basketball team playing in the highest division in Sweden. 
During the fall of 2021 we are participating in a life cycle analysis research project together with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Perrigo and Apotek Hjärtat. The aim is to create a result that evaluates the climate impact of different parts of the product value chains and then highlight where in the life cycle the greatest climate impact occurs. The result will hopefully provide a wider perspective and valuable insights to promote a more sustainable supply chain and end products to the customer, for us as a brand and for the industry as a whole. 
Read more about the project here. 
Recycle anything and reward yourself with the Bower app. Simply download the app, use it to scan and sort your used packaging and containers at home, recycle them at the recycling station of your choice and collect the rewards. It’s that easy. IDUN Minerals want to facilitate and make recycling enjoyable. Therefore we have partnered up with Bower so all IDUN Minerals products will give you rewards. You can simply download the Bower app in the App Store and Google Play and start your recycling journey today! 
IDUN Minerals has signed on to the environmental organization ChemSec's initiative the PFAS Movement. The movement aims to emphasize and educate about the harmful effects of PFAS substances and fights to phase them out of production. Find out more on the PFAS Movement website.