119 kr
Detailed precision with perfection. IDUN Minerals Precision Eyeshadow Brush debuts soft yet firm tapered bristles for a detailed application of eyeshadow. The tightly packed bristles pick up an ample amount of pigment imparting instant colour across the lids as the softly rounded tip easily adjusts the degree of intensity of shadow, for a buildable coverage from sheer to full.

Dip the soft sturdy tip into your IDUN Minerals Mineral Eyeshadow and gently apply to the lids, blending back and forth or in small circular blending motions.

Taklon The bristles are in taklon, a luxurious synthetic vegan fiber that is hypoallergenic and gentle on the most sensitive skin.

What It Is

Small, tapered bristles lined in a softly rounded shape.

What It Does

Precisely lays colour on the lids in defined, meticulous detail.

The Result

Flawless pop of colour with impeccable detail and precision.