The search for the perfect mascara is something many people struggle with. That struggle is finally over with our newly launched Mascara Vatn Volume 38°C. It gives lashes volume, length and separation whilst ensuring a long-wearing effect that withstands water and yet can still be easily removed with warm water above 38°C.

A Unique Vegan Volumizing Formula

Our new vegan Mascara Vatn Volume 38°C is intended to have the same waterproof effect as the original Vatn, but is formulated with a higher amount of thickening waxes to provide an ultra volumizing effect – all of which are vegan.

Waterproof up to 38°C & Caring

With a warm water temperature of above 38°C, the formula will easily detach from the lashes in “tubes” without the need of makeup removers and without leaving any messy black formula beneath or inner corner of the eyes.

Tubing mascaras such as this one contain a high percentage of film-forming polymers that “stick” very well to themselves and have high affinity with water. They encapsulate each lash forming a tube-like film around each lash. When warm water is applied on the lashes, the mascara comes off as tubes. This mascara also has caring ingredients such as castor oil and shea butter to make sure your lashes are taken care of throughout the day

Vatn Waterproof 38°C or Vatn 38°C Volume?

Are you in doubt which macara is perfect for you and what is the difference between the two Vatn Mascaras? We have made an easy guide to show what differentiates them.

Vatn Waterproof 38°C

  • Fragrance free & ophthalmologically tested making it suitable for sensitive eyes
  • Long-wearing formula that lasts all day
  • Rubber brush for a natural look

Vatn Volume 38°C Volume

  • Contains vegan carnauba wax making it 100% vegan
  • Fragrance free & ophthalmologically tested making it suitable for sensitive eyes
  • The mono-material packaging is made of 100 % recycled PET and is designed with light colours to improve recyclability
  • Rubber brush for a buildable, volumized lash look that lasts all day

Did you know you can find detailed material and recycling information on our website? Click here to see our recycling guide for each product part.