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Article: A Comprehensive Guide on How To Build The Perfect Skincare

A Comprehensive Guide on How To Build The Perfect Skincare

A Comprehensive Guide on How To Build The Perfect Skincare

Skincare can be intimidating - the wide variety of products, millions of different claims, countless ingredients you should and shouldn’t avoid, endless trends popping up everywhere: it can be easily overwhelming, especially when you are just getting started. With IDUN Minerals Skincare line, building a regime is simply easy and customizable for your own skin type! It is important to have a regular skincare routine that counts on pure and clean ingredients so your skin is glowing and in good condition. If that sounds a little daunting, don’t worry! This guide will take you through all the steps on how to build the perfect skincare routine using the very best products out there!



Start off by analyzing your skin type, your daily routine, whether you wear makeup or not. From that, you can then select products that are ideal for your individual skin type and then build a regime that you can count on regularly. Don’t be afraid of layering skincare products, they were carefully designed to interact and efficiently work well with each other. Find out below in what order you should layer your products for the perfect result.


The first step in any skincare routine is washing your face properly to get rid of impurities, dirt or makeup on the skin. Cleansing also allows for better penetration of the rest of the skincare products - a fresh and clean canvas to work on!

We recommend that you include cleansing in your routine twice a day, in the morning and at night. For dry skin, the best cleanser is Mineral Cleansing Face & Eye Lotion. This wonderful product removes impurities and leaves the skin hydrated and the super smooth formula includes niacinamide and Nordic canola and oat oils, making it gentle on sensitive, dry skin. For oily skin, Cleansing Face & Eye Mousse is a great cleanser since it is oil-free, and the extra foamy formula effectively removes even waterproof makeup.

For an even more effective, double-cleansing routine, combine these products with each other or cleanse twice to make sure any last remnants of impurities are thoroughly removed. Double-cleansing is recommended during your night-time routine, since there are more products layered on your skin, such as sunscreen, makeup and dirt gathered throughout the day.


The next step is to treat your skin to a high performing but gentle serum, that delivers active clean ingredients to your skin. For dry skin, try mixing some drops of Oil Serum Hydration Booster with Mineral Intense Moisture Serum for added hydration. The oil serum provides dry skin with much needed moisture, nourishment and strength from soothing oils and antioxidants such as vitamin E whilst the mineral serum is enriched with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide (vitamin B3), also a great product for all skin types. For a true SPA-like skincare routine, top this off with Mineral Moisturizing Eye Serum to treat the sensitive, thin skin around your eyes.


Fourth step in your skincare regime is to ensure your skin is properly moisturized and hydrated. For your morning skincare routine, apply the Mineral Moisturizing Day Cream (perfect for normal or combination skin) or the Mineral Rich Day Cream (developed especially for dry skin) in order to provide the skin with important fatty acids and antioxidants throughout the day. These softening creams are a great way to start the day with your skin feeling extra smooth.

For your night-time skincare routine, make sure to apply the Mineral Rich Night Cream. The super creamy and soft formula is enriched with niacinamide (Vitamin B3), glycerin, PCA, cocoa seed butter and shea butter, the perfect formula that allows your skin to repair and strengthen overnight, ready for the next day ahead.

Don’t forget to moisturize your lips using Lip Balm Care & Repair Cream. With caring properties, this softening balm moisturizes dry areas as its formula is enriched with sunflower wax for an extra restoring effect, a super versatile product as it can be applied on areas other than the lips.


Finally, and most importantly in your morning routine, is to end your layering with a protective barrier that shields your skin from harmful sun rays. It is important to apply sunscreen everyday, even when it isn’t super sunny outside as up to 80% of UV rays can pass through clouds even though we might not directly feel them. A habitual morning use of sunscreen can protect your skin from exposure to sun damage and other long-term negative effects.

For this, we have the perfect cream, Solstråle All-in-one Face Cream SPF 25, that not only effectively protects your skin from UVA and UVB radiation, but also nourishes and primes it. Make sure to apply a generous amount to the face, neck and ears and reapply frequently to maintain protection.


In addition to your every day routine, additional steps to your regime, which can rotate in and out as needed, include face masks and exfoliators. Depending on how your skin is doing, it is good to exfoliate once a week in order to get rid of deeper impurities and dead skin cells. Try using Mineral Smoothing Face Scrub that has gentle peeling granules made of natural silica; perfect to renew the skin. For a deeper peeling, try using Mineral Gentle Face Peeling, a smooth enzyme peeling that helps the skin renew itself, formulated with AHA (malic acid from apples) and PHA (gluconolactone), the peeling gently dissolves dead skin cells. For an extra hydration boost, try using Mineral Moisturizing Face Mask, that gives tired looking skin fast recovery. These are great products to include in your routine around once a week, increasing or decreasing how many times a week you use them depending on your individual needs and skin type.

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