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Say hello to Tanja Dyredand, our new professional astrologer at IDUN Minerals! Tanja Dyredand is a prizewinning author, professional astrologer with over 25 years of experience, Reiki master, spiritual influencer, sound healer, lightworker, intuitive psychic and initiated Nordic shaman. Tanja lives in a turn-of-the-century farm in Sweden and is a Libra.

Tanja, welcome to IDUN Minerals!

Thank you, it’s an honor to spread the magic of the stars and cosmic events. All to remind you about your own greatness in the Universe! 

What is your fav about Virgo season?

I love the grounded earthbound energy as well as getting routines back on track after a long lazy summer. Embracing outdoor hiking and magic forest rituals. This is also my time for harvesting herbs, vegetables, fruits and berries!

What is your best beauty tip?

To stay dehydrated as well as breathing, laughing and making love, will give you the best beauty glow. I am also totally addicted to organic oils, preferably in combination with natural ethereal scents. I oil myself as often as I can and slip around the house like an oiled ferret. The dogs and my husband love this. But me, myself, curse my oil craze every time we have to clean all the oil stains, found in the most strange places, ha ha!

What is your secret super power?

I have toured as a professional belly dancer and deep house DJ.

Join us in welcoming Tanja and make sure to follow her on Instagram: @mindfully_tanja

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