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Artikel: Spicy Star-Sparkling Sagittarius Look!

Spicy Star-Sparkling Sagittarius Look!

Spicy Star-Sparkling Sagittarius Look!

Welcome Sagittarius Season 22 November – 21 December 

Happy birthday and solar return to All Sagittarius out there, this is Your time of the Year! 

Sagittarius Season is here and will affect every zodiac sign to a enthusiastic, fun-seeking, socializing and adventures month.  

The spirit of mutable Fire-sign Sagittarius is freedom seeking, optimistic, adaptable, energized as well as moving you into personal growth and expansion. Sagittarius is also the zodiacs entertainer and curious globetrotter, always looking for a new adventure around the corner. This season you can find yourself looking for new places to explore and crave world travelling as well as quest for knowledge and spiritual growth.  

The Full Moon (Beaver Moon) entering Gemini on 27/11 will give you a perfect time to express yourself. It is also a good time for changes, spontaneity, and manifest adventurous desires into action. Be aware of communication misunderstandings when Mercury starts its retrograde in Capricorn 13/12 affected by the fiery planet Mars!  

Write up 12/12 in your calendar this date is not only New Moon entering Sagittarius, this is also a cosmic abundance portal and as Sagittarius being ruled by Jupiter, the planet for success, wealth, growth, luck, and abundance, it is THE time of the year to do make your dream board and manifest all your dreams! 

Make dreams come true and be sure to shine brighter than all the diamonds and stars there are!  

Abundance & Love dates: 22-23/11, 4-5/12, 12/12, 15-19/12   

Sagittarius Beauty – Shine bright like a Sagittarius  

Venus our planet for beauty, love, and pleasure, enters Libra this will also add that extra beauty glimmer to the season reminding you to glow all that you can. When the heavenly stars are shining extra bright during this month you can tap into that glittering Sagittarius energy and go wild and “all in” on all that glitters. Create glitter graphic eyeliner, and dush on some vivid glitter in hair and on lips and you are ready to shine through day and all night long! Mineral Single Eyeshadow Snöflinga is the perfect addition!

Sagittarius Health – C'mon baby light your fire!  

Sagittarius tend to have that unfiltered and never-ending burning flame of fire within. Let that flame influence your season. Gain that passionate energy to flow abundance into your life and think abundance in every step of your skin care and health routines. Spice food and drinks up with chili, cloves, and cinnamon. Indulge hot steamy baths, energize with dance moves and love making. Be the fire within!   

Monthly Self-care fire ritual 

  1. Light up your favorite scented candle! 
  2. Breathe deeply 3 times with closed eyes then open your eyes and look at the flame. Think of all abundance you want to bring into your life when looking at the flame. Feel that you are unstoppable like the flame!  
  3. Repeat your monthly mantras three times and imagine the mantras will fill up the water in your glass. 
  4. Smile and feel that you are the never-ending flow of the flame today!  
  5. You are now ready to go and create magic in the world!   

Monthly Mantra:  

"I AM abundance. I am success. I am on fire!” 

Season Crystals:  

Citrine (Birth Stone), Turquoise (birth stone), Amazonite (clears negativity/reduces fears), Amethyst (balancing the heat), Labradorite (reduces stress, gives patience) and Blue Aventurine (concentration and communication).  

Season Dos & Don’ts:  

Do: Have fun, party, socialize, travel, book a trip, expand your knowledge, be a student, expand your spirituality, laugh, make love, dance, embrace abundance!   

Don’t: Look out for misunderstandings. Work on your patience. Sagittarius can be impatient, unfiltered, and word “enough” doesn’t exist.  

Special Astro dates 22/11-21/12 

  • 22/11 Sun enters Sagittarius: It’s time for an energized, social, fun and optimistic globetrotter season!  
  • 27/11 Full moon (Beaver Moon) in Gemini. Good time to: Manifest yourself, express yourself, good time for changes, spontaneity, communication, socializing, expand your knowledge)   
  • 4/12 Venus enters Scorpio (passion relationships, love making, improving love and flirting time)  
  • 12/12 New Moon enters Sagittarius, and this date is also and abundance portal for manifesting dreams (expansion, travel, thirst for knowledge, party time!)  
  • 13/21 Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn from 13/12 2023 until 1/1 2024 (feeling of being going backward, lack of energy, communications misunderstandings, conflicts, irritable, technological failures, transport/travel issues).  
  • 15/12 Moon enters Aquarius, time for self-love or SPA-time!  



By Tanja Dyredand ©

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