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Artikel: Bring Out Your Vibrant Virgo Vibes

Bring Out Your Vibrant Virgo Vibes

Bring Out Your Vibrant Virgo Vibes

Welcome Virgo Season 23/8 – 22/9

New routines, new possibilities and a perfect time for a sizzling new you, we warmly welcome Virgo season!

Happy birthday all Virgos out there, this is your time of the year!

This year’s Virgo Season is all about bringing your health, wealth and wellness to the top of your mind. Virgo vibes will affect every zodiac sign and put a communicative, methodical and big-hearted shimmer on our existence. Now it’s a good time to review your life goals and start new routines. Don’t be afraid to release old habits and energy no longer serves you and open for new opportunities, remember that you sometimes have to go outside your comfy zone to bring in new energy!

When sun enters Virgo 23/8 Virgos ruling planet Mercury starts its retrograde. This gives a perfect time to reconnect with your inner you and slow down daily hectic issues. When Venus ends its retrograde 3/9 be ready for bringing more love, beauty, abundance and wealth!

Abundance & Love dates: 3-6/9, 16-18/9, 22/9

Virgo Beauty – Natural Minimalistic Makeup Magic with a Twist!

A well cleansed and hydrated skin will make the perfect beauty canvas and now is a perfect time to look over your skincare routine. Let your inner beauty shine through with all natural, earthy and romantic looks. And as your ruling planet “chatty Mercury” will put focus on all communications, spice your lips up with that extra colourful twist. Your mouth was made to smile!

Virgo Health – focus on grounding, anti-stress & soothing gut health!

As a natural ruler of the six house of wellness, health and routines, Virgo season reminds us to self-betterment routines and that it’s time to boost your wellness. Every sign also has ruling body parts, Virgo’s is the digestive system and gut health.

Now it’s a perfect time for grounding, de-stress and unwind. Enjoy revitalizing breathworks, self-care rituals, mindful yoga as well as indulging probiotic-rich foods and nourishing beverages. Bring yourself out to nature, breathe fresh air, dance no one’s watching and find gratitude for being you – Remember, that you are the brightest star of them all!

Monthly Self-care ritual – “I AM good enough”

  1. Look at yourself in a mirror
  2. Take 3 deep Breaths
  3. Repeat the monthly mantra 3 times
  4. You are ready to go and conquer the world!

Monthly Mantra:

“I AM good enough. My body is PERFECT, and I AM AMAZINGLY good looking!”

Season Crystals:

Peridot and Green Amethyst (balance, healing, motivation, strength), Blue Sapphire (communication, royalty, wealth), Garnet (intelligence), Rose Quartz (love, beauty), Moss Agate (grounding, protection) and Howlite (Mercury planet stone for intuition, lifegoals).

Season Dos & Don’ts:

Do: Organize, set new life goals & routines, get rid of old habits, prioritize self-care, get grounded, yoga practice, mindful meditation, journaling, outdoor hiking. Also dance, laugh and vibe with nature!  

Don’t: Put unrealistic pressure on yourself, perfectionistic control, worry, dwell, overthink and over-do. 

Special Astro dates 23/8-22/9  

  • 23/8 Sun enters Virgo
  • 23/8 - 15/9 Mercury Retrograde (be aware of miss communications, technical issues and travel misshapes. This will pass too)
  • 31/8 Super full moon (blue moon) in Pisces (manifest dreams, intuitive work, emotional roller-coaster)
  • 3/9 Venus back on right track (Love, beauty, abundance and wealth)
  • 15/9 New Moon in Virgo (emotional time. Perfect to organize life)

About Virgo

Mutable Earth Sign

Ruling planet: Mercury. Mercury is the planet for communications, travels, transports & technology

Virgo is a natural ruler of the 6th house of wellness, health and routines!

Personality: Intelligent, methodical, organizer, natural communicator, hardworking, humble, big hearted, kind and lovable

Colours: All earthy colors and green and pink 

Ruling Body parts: Digestive system & gut health

Chakra: Heart

Celeb Virgos: Beyonce Knowles, Michelle Williams, Cameron Diaz, Zendaya, Evan Rachel Wood, Sidney Sweeney, Alexander Skarsgård, Pink, Keanu Reeves, Prince Harry, Rachel Zoe.

Tarot card: The Hermit. The Hermit is all about analytical thinking, self-reflection, seeking of knowledge and clarity. It is also about spending time in solitude and introspective withdrawal from events, people and relationships.


By Tanja Dyredand ©

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