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About Our

Sustainability Collaborations

Our vision is to be a beauty alternative that enhances while respecting people, animals, and nature. We recognize that achieving a sustainable world requires collaboration. Below you can read about our projects together with research and charity organisations. We are also working with several certifications and labels; read more about them here.

Bloom, Buzz & Business


Hand in Hand is a Swedish non-governmental organization dedicated to combating poverty through sustainable entrepreneurship. Through training, education, and support, millions of women have initiated their own small businesses, lifting themselves and their families out of poverty. Bloom, Buzz and Business is a new investment project focusing on women's entrepreneurship in Kenya, with the goals of fighting poverty, reducing hunger, and enhancing biodiversity. By providing micro-loans, small-scale farmers can establish their own businesses and become self-sufficient. The project primarily targets women, as studies indicate that women more frequently reinvest their earnings in their families. Sunflowers, known for their resilience to drought, thrive in conjunction with bees, playing a significant role in biodiversity. Extracting sunflower oil from these plants serves as a sustainable substitute for imported palm oil. In the year 2024, IDUN Minerals proudly supports the Bloom, Buzz, and Business initiative as an official sponsor.


unizon jourer


Unizon is the national association for over 130 idea-driven women's shelters, girls' shelters and youth shelters that work for an equal society free from violence. We are supporting Unizon and their work by educating our team in the topic, donating to the cause and spreading important information about men's violence towards women. All of the association's advocacy work is based on women's and children's experiences of men's violence. By being a common voice for emergency workers, Unizon influences politics, authorities and other actors to take responsibility. Unizon also offers member training and help to ensure quality and develop the on-call operations. Unizon's vision is an equal society free from violence.




Recycle anything & reward yourself with the Bower App. Simply download the app, use it to scan and sort your used packaging and containers at home, recycle them at the recycling station of your choice and collect the rewards. It’s that easy. IDUN Minerals want to facilitate and make recycling enjoyable. Therefore we have partnered up with Bower so all IDUN Minerals products will give you rewards. You can download the Bower app in the App Store or Google Play and start your recycling journey today!


ChemSec's no to


IDUN Minerals has signed on to the environmental organization ChemSec's initiative the PFAS Movement. The movement aims to emphasize and educate about the harmful effects of PFAS substances and fights to phase them out of production. Find out more on the PFAS Movement website.




During the fall of 2021, we participated in a life cycle analysis research project in collaboration with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Perrigo and Apotek Hjärtat. The objective was to generate findings that assess the climate impact across a products value chain and identify key stages in the life cycle with the most significant climate impact. The results provided us with a broader perspective and valuable insights to promote a more sustainable supply chain, which we can integrate into our product development and brand. For instance, the study showed that designing for recyclability is an important factor to save carbon emissions. You can read the full report below.




In the spring of 2023, we collaborated with climate consultants from U&We on a project aimed at comparing our carbon footprint on two of our packaging transformations: The Blush/Bronzer and Powder foundation packaging. We calculated the climate impact in the entire value chain of the packaging, from raw materials to delivery in our warehouse. The goal was to obtain concrete data on our packaging transformation progress and ensure we were moving in the right direction. The results revealed significant benefits from our production shift to Europe and the adoption of alternative materials. For instance, the study found that the new blush/bronzer packaging in paper had a nearly 75% less carbon footprint compared to the Asian plastic packaging we previously used. Additionally, our new powder foundation packaging demonstrated a 50% decrease in climate impact. The project gave us valuable knowledge that we can apply to our future product developments, such as emphasizing the importance of using renewable energy in production, which we are now highly valuing when choosing our European suppliers.