At IDUN Minerals, we have strong values and an approach where values permeate the entire business. This gives us guidance and streamlines internal work and simplifies decision-making.

We strive to be transparent in everything we do. We are honest and forthright. We say what we do and we do what we say!

Our products are developed together with competent and outstanding scientists and product developers. We are always striving to expand our internal knowledge base.

We take great responsibility in what we do, we care about nature and the equal value of all!

Our vision is to be a beauty alternative that improves in consideration to people, animals and nature. We aim to minimize our environmental impact for the continued sustainable development of society and the environment. For us, this is a long-term commitment and work that affects everyone in the organisation.

We want to set an example in the cosmetics industry by offering quality, clean and gentle products for all skin types and skin tones, and by using our knowledge and expertise to do good and always strive to do better for the environment.

We at IDUN Minerals are dedicated to taking responsibility and balancing the global challenges with our own challenges for a better future. To make our sustainability efforts clearer, we have divided them into three focus areas that encompass the main sustainability aspects: People, Planet, and Products.

Social responsibility is very important to IDUN Minerals, both for the potential impact our operations have on people around the world and for the impact our operations have on our employees. Everyone should be aware of our climate actions and how we collectively contribute.

For us, good and clean products are the foundation of our business. We are not content with merely complying with legislation but have very clear regulatory requirements that we follow. We always strive to make the best possible choices when it comes to all our products being a little cleaner simply with care for people, animals, and nature.

Reducing our footprint on the planet and enabling a sustainable future will require some adjustments. We see an opportunity to help influence and inspire our customers to make more sustainable choices by offering IDUN Minerals' sustainable range.

Read more about our Smarter Packaging here

In order to reach our circular business model by 2030, we have mapped out and analyzed our value chain. By making a risk analysis we have generated actions for each step in the value chain.

To further drive transparency and sustainability in every step of the value chain, we are using Worldfavor, a platform for organizations to access and share sustainability information. Based on automated assessments and analysis, Worldfavor lets us gain insights from sustainability and compliance data to uncover risks and make better decisions. Learn more about Worldfavor here.
To get a bigger insight of our value chain and its climate impact, we are participating in a research project together with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute making a life cycle analysis. Read more about this project here