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Article: The Trendy Monochrome Makeup Look

The Trendy Monochrome Makeup Look

The Trendy Monochrome Makeup Look

Discover the Hottest Trend of Spring 2024: Monochrome Makeup! 

We predict Spring 2024 will be all about applying the same product and colour to the eyes, cheeks and lips for a cohesive look. Whether you're aiming for a natural shade for everyday or venturing into a bolder colour for special occasions, there are endless possibilities to experiment with this trend. Perfect shades to test this trend include apricot, orange, pink, brown or berry shades. Get your perfect look with amazing monochrome makeup! 

Here are some tips and tricks to achieve the viral monochrome makeup that looks trendy but still elegant.

Choice of Colour

Start by choosing a colour that you feel comfortable with and that suits your skin tone. The most common colours to use for monochrome makeup are nude, orange, pink, brown and berry tones. Explore different shades and find one that matches your personality and skin tone.

The Base

An important part of monochrome makeup is creating an even and natural base. Use a foundation and concealer to cover imperfections and provide a uniform finish. Avoid too heavy products and go for a fresh and natural look with either IDUN Minerals Moisturizing Mineral Skin Tint SPF 30 or IDUN Minerals Liquid Mineral Foundation Norrsken and of course IDUN Minerals Perfect Under Eye Concealer to waken up the under eye area. 

Blush & Bronzer 

IDUN Minerals Mineral Blush is enriched with highly purified minerals that give an intense colour that you can easily build up according to the desired intensity whilst also giving a glow. 

Can you use IDUN Minerals Blush in more places than just your cheeks? YES! You can use the shades Hallon or Smultron as a light eyeshadow to get a warm and lovely colour on the eyelids or you can make a discreet under eye liner. Using our Eye/Lip Definer Brush, sweep the product and draw a simple line under your lower lashes and pull it out to create a small wing. For even more intensity, spray the brush with Ready Set Refresh Setting Spray.

IDUN Minerals Matte Mineral Bronzer in Sommardröm gives a natural sun-kissed look that you can of course use as an eyeshadow to define the crease on your eyelids but you can also make a smokey eyeliner that will match super nicely with your sun-kissed cheeks. 


One of the hottest makeup trends of 2024 is that you can use your lipstick as a cream blush. Depending on your skin tone, there are several shades to choose from. IDUN Minerals Matte Lipstick can be used as a cream blush and IDUN Minerals Creme Lipstick as a natural glossy highlighter. 

Eyeshadow & Eyeliner 

IDUN Minerals Single Eyeshadow in Snöflinga is a beautifully shimmering eyeshadow with sparkling glitter. You can also use Snöflinga as a highlighter to emphasise your cheekbones.

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