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Article: 13 Years Old: A Conversation with Our CEO on our Anniversary Celebration!

13 Years Old: A Conversation with Our CEO on our Anniversary Celebration!

13 Years Old: A Conversation with Our CEO on our Anniversary Celebration!

Who are you and how long have you worked with IDUN Minerals?

My name is Caroline and I'm the CEO and partner of IDUN Minerals, I've been working with the company for the past 10 years and I have a background in Chemical Engineering. So I started with Product Development and a little over 2 years ago I took over as CEO.

What are you most proud of with IDUN Minerals?

With IDUN Minerals, I am mostly proud that we are very agile as a company, we are not scared of taking decisions and trying new things, for example, our packaging where we have been very innovative in finding new materials and functions. I am also very very proud of the team that we are, and all the engagement that the team has with the brand.

How do you want IDUN Minerals to be perceived?

When I think about IDUN Minerals and the way our consumers think of IDUN Minerals, I hope they see IDUN Minerals as kind of a big sister, someone who is very honest and who can give great advice. It just feels like there is a warmth between us and our consumers, and that is what I feel a big sister should be like. 

What are your top 3 favourite products?

Top 3 products I can't live without: I'm gonna say our Powder Foundation, that is my go-to every day, I have very red skin and the Powder Foundation is just so easy to apply, and it's so light-weight, which I love, and it gives me SPF as well from the minerals, and it's important to protect the skin.

I don't have any eyebrows naturally, they are very pale, so I would also have to say our Brow Pencil, in the medium brown shade, I love that one called Lönn.

And of course, a good mascara! I'm a sucker for a good mascara, and I think our latest addition Vatn Volume, the fact that it's so easy to rinse off with lukewarm water, and it gives great volume and length, I just love that one. SO that would definitely be my top 3!

How do you celebrate IDUN Minerals Birthday?

So today we are turning 13 and we're gonna celebrate with cake at the office! We always eat cake when something big is happening so I know that that will be really really nice. But then it's also my little sister's birthday too, so later on tonight I will celebrate with her. 


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