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Article: Liberate your Magnetic Libra Look

Liberate your Magnetic Libra Look

Liberate your Magnetic Libra Look

Welcome Libra Season 23/9-22/10

Happy birthday and solar return to all Libras out there, this is your time of the year! 

This year’s Libra Season will affect every zodiac sign and create space to recharge, gain balance, peace, and aesthetically illuminate your inner self. The spirit of Air-sign Libra is intelligent, kind, charming, social, diplomatic and beauty-loving.

The super full moon (Harvest Moon) in Aries 29/9 is a perfect time to manifest your dreams, fulfill goals, but also to value harmony and balance into life. Remember it is not all work but also play and this shimmering social energy will increase during the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Libra 14/10. As Libra being a natural ruler of the Seventh House of partnerships, relations, and friendship it’s a brilliant time to partner up and cherish your friends.

Ruled by Venus, our planet for beauty, love, abundance, sex and pleasure, Libra energy also has a magic magnetism to draw others into your orbit. Now it’s a good time to bring out your charismatic, creative, and big-hearted you to Liberate your Magnetic Libra Look!

Abundance & Love dates: 23-6/9, 10/10, 14-15/10, 20/10

Libra Beauty – Let those Lips shine!

Fall Equinox officially opens the Libra season, and it is now a perfect time to get inspired by autumn's beautiful colours. Treat yourself with balanced skin care and imagine your face is a creative canvas ready for trying out new looks this season. As a charming, chatty, and flirty nature let your lips be in focus. Plump lips with extravaganza colours and bring out your irresistible smile. Perfect for all eventualities regardless if it is a business day or a glittering party night! Tip for a balanced skincare routine: Mineral Rich Day Cream

Tip for an extravagant pop of colour: Matte Lipstick Jordgubb

Libra Health – Find your peaceful balance!

For the Air Sign Libra health is all about finding balance, peace, and harmony. Treat yourself this season to find a good balance between work and leisure, activity and rest, party nights and peaceful home life. Balance in body, mind, life, and soul will give you a good foundation to stand on and to withstand external stress. Find time to re-charge, reload and remember that life is not only about work but also about play!

Monthly Self-care ritual -  “I AM in balance, I AM in harmony, within!”

  1. Look at yourself in a mirror
  2. Take 3 Deep Breathes
  3. Repeat the monthly mantra 3 times
  4. You are ready to go and conquer the world!

 Monthly Mantra:

“I AM in balance, I AM in harmony, within!”

 Season Crystals:

Opal and Sapphire (birthstones), Clear Quartz (clarity, protection, equality), Lapis Lazuli (communications and intuition), Aquamarine (charming, talkative), Jade (balance, abundance, and healing), Howlite (peace-loving, intuitive, spiritual).

Season Dos & Don’ts:

Do: Bring beauty around you. Find peace, justice, and equality. Socialize, be charismatic, dig into art, design, and fashion, be creative, communicate, partner up and cherish friends. It is time to treat yourself with harmony and balance but also to set boundaries.

Don’t: Stress and unbalances are your biggest enemy! Look out for being hasty, dwell too much, and compromise too much!

Special Astro dates 23/9-22/10

  • 23/9 Sun enters Libra
  • 29/9 Super full moon (Harvest Moon) in Aries (fullfill goals, manifest dreams, travel, be bold)
  • 2/10 Mercury in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces (look out for lack of focus but good time to do a dream-board)
  • 10/10 An abundance portal and Happy Go-direct Pluto in Capricorn! (Energy shift, transformations, work success, achievements, and subconscious clarity)
  • 14/10 New Moon in Libra and Solar Eclipse (Eclipse will push things up to surface. A Good time to restart, redo and surround yourself with beauty, balance, harmony, partner up, commit & cherish friends)
  • 22/10 Mercury enters Scorpio, Venus in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus (Intense energy as well as sexy energy coming through!)

About Libra

Cardinal Air Sign

Ruling planet: Venus. Venus is the planet of beauty, love, abundance, and pleasure

Libra is a natural ruler of the 7th house of friendship, partnership, and relations

Personality: Charming, beauty loving, intelligent, aesthetic, romantic, diplomatic, peace loving, seeking harmony and balance, seeking justice and equality. Can be indecisive, fickle and conflict avoidant.

Colours: All shades of blue and pink.

Ruling Body parts: Skin, kidneys, lower back and butt

Chakra: Throat chakra and third eye

Celeb Virgos: Kim Kardashian, Kate Winslet, Serena Williams, Huda Kattan, Cardi B, Doja Cat, Bella Hadid, Catherine Zeta Jones, Gwyneth Paltrow, Will Smith, Zac Efron, Eminen, Snoop Dogg.

Tarot card: The Justice. The Justice tarot card is about balance, truth, fairness, equality and law. This card also is about being in balance with your own truth and alignment with your Higher Self.


By Tanja Dyredand ©

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