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Article: Dashing Dewy and Dreamy Pisces Look!

Dashing Dewy and Dreamy Pisces Look!

Dashing Dewy and Dreamy Pisces Look!

Welcome Pisces Season February 19 – March 20

Happy birthday and solar return to All Pisces out there, this is Your time of the Year!

Pisces Season is here and will help every zodiac sign to explore your desires, enjoy yourself, grow spiritually and bring bigger dreams to reality!

Pisces, the last constellation of the zodiac, marks the end of the astrological year and brings with it a glorious feeling of inner deeper intuitive knowledge and that dreams are meant to come true.

The overall spirit of the Mutable Water sign Pisces is to you to take care of yourself, be compassionate, gentle, empathetic, artistic, and intuitive. The Pisces are friendly, empathetic, romantic, and emotional, always ready to help friends out and be a shoulder to lean on.

When the Sun enters Pisces in 19/2, also the karmic North Lunar Node will be in planetary conjunction with Chiron. Chiron in astrology, called the wounded healer, represent our deepest spiritual and emotion wounds.

As Pisces being ruled by Neptune, our planet for dreams, fantasy, spirituality, and collective consciousness, as well as being the natural ruler of the 12th house of dreams, emotions, and the secrets: This year’s Pisces season makes a perfect time to dig deep into yourself and your inner world. The Virgo’s Full Moon (24/2) together will North Lunar Node/Chiron conjunction also will help us to bring up to surface what we need to Heal Whitin Ourselves. Let Virgo’s full Moon energy bring clarity to your emotional and healing processes. Remember (even if emotions run high) that all this transformation will bring you forward to personal growth. A good tip is to so stay grounded and true to yourself. Therefore, be extra gentle, compassionate, and friendly to yourself, but also to others around you. Remember that everyone is fighting battles we don’t know of, always be friendly, but also remember to take care of yourself too, and not just everyone else.

The karmic Lunar Nodes will lighten up a little when the New Moon enters Pisces, March 10, and now it is time to have fun, socialize, be chatty, communicative, and bring out that dreamy Pisces-Crazy-Cray! And when the light is coming back as the Spring Equinox stands before us 20/3, the Pisces artsy-creative energy will nudge you to dance to the beat of the universe. The last days of Pisces season also puts love planet Venus into motion for romantic encounters, this is the time to be romantic, be vivid!

Dear beloved one, let the spirit of Pisces enlighten you spiritually and manifest abundance in love, health, wealth, and success to your life:  – Welcome to the dreamiest season of the year!

Abundance & Love dates: 19-24/2, 1-6/3, 16-20/3

Pisces Beauty – Dashing, Dewy and Dreamy

Pisces beauty-season is all about tapping into your imagination and playing around: You can go glowing-romantic or artsy-bold, cheeky-futuristic, or classic, or why not bring those dreamy fantasy creatures out in the flashlight. Whatever you choose – Let your Pisces beauty-look be dashing, dewy and dreamy. Every day is a new playground for you to swim with the waves! 

For a glowy dewy look, try IDUN Minerals Moisturizing Mineral Skin Tint SPF 30 for the ultimate glowing skin that lasts all day. Have fun with purple eyeshadow using Mineral Eyeshadow Palette Norrlandssyren for fun blue and purple tones. 

Pisces Health – Compassion to yourself!

Pisces season is all about sending deep self-love to yourself and stay grounded. Remind yourself to more self-compassion, self-love as well as be friendly and gently to yourself. And as Pisces are deep connected to the ocean, water in all forms will help you to heal. Moisturize your skin with luxurious creams and indulge with natural oils. Bless your water, drink water and stay hydrated. Bless your water and bless yourself!


Monthly Self-care water ritual

  1. Stand in shower.
  2. Breathe deeply 3 times with closed eyes. Feel how gentle the water flows all over you. Feel how the water is your healing element. Imagine that the water will wash away all that no longer serves you. That the water will help you heal. That the water is all about abundance and fulfilling all your dreams.  
  3. Repeat your monthly mantras three times and let the mantra fill you up with good vibes!
  4. You are after the shower ready to dance with life!

Monthly Mantra:

"All my dreams will come true. I live my dream life now”.  

Season Crystals:

Aquamarine and Amethyst (Birth Stones), Rose quarts (Healing/Compassion), Bloodstone (Purification, balance emotions), Tiger´s Eye (grounding/attracting abundance), Red Jasper (Protection).  

Pisces Season Dos & Don’ts:

Do: Be dreamy, imaginary, and fulfill your inner desires. Be heartful, friendly, compassionate, self-loving, empathetic, caring. Be intuitive, spiritual and reveal secrets. 

Don’t: Don’t lose yourself taking care of everyone else but you. Stay grounded. Stay out of others drama! 

Special Astro dates 19/2 – 20/3

  • 19/2, Sun enters Pisces: It’s time to be compassionate, intuitive, sensitive and take care of yourself!
  • 19/2, North Lunar Node in conjunction with Chiron. Emotional, karma wounds, hurt feelings and what we need to heal within ourselves.
  • 24-25/2, Virgo Full moon. Time to bring up clarity in life, be responsible and organize your life.
  • 10/3 New Moon (Super moon) in Pisces, have fun, enjoy life, be artistic, spiritual, creative and benefit from great imagination.
  • 20/3, Spring Equinox, and Venus and March enter Pisces: time for love, passion, and to spice up your life! 

About Pisces

Mutable Water sign

Ruling planet: Neptune, the planet of dreams, vivid imagination, spiritual endeavours, and spiritual growth.  

Pisces is a natural ruler of the 12th house, the realm of dreams, emotions, secrets, spiritual mystics, and the unseen worlds.  

Personality: Compassionate, gentle, friendly, helpful, sensitive, romantic, emotional, intuitive, spiritual, artistic, music loving.

Colors: Violet, lilac, blue, mauve, and deep-sea green.

Ruling Body parts: Feet, toes, and pineal gland.

Chakra: Root chakra and Third eye chakra. 

Celeb Pisces: Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, Emely Blunt, Olivia Rodrigo, Justin Bieber, Rashida Jones, Millie Bobby Brown, Elliot page.

Tarot card: The Moon. The Moon tarot card represents intuition, dreams and unconscious. The path to higher consciousness, and illumination. It also is a symbol for both the tamed and the wild aspects of our minds. The Moon tarot card is deeply connected to your divine goddess-energy as well as your compassionate side of you.


Tanja, what is your fav about Pisces season?  

  • I personally LOVE the Pisces season which embraces you with all its love, dreamy and friendly compassion. Now it is time to give extra love to yourself, let your spirituality grow and find dreamy magic in everyday life. You can tap into your fantasy world, use imagination, be artistic and dance with life. I love it!

Any Astro date, you are looking forward to?

  • Use the Chiro-North Lunar Node-energy to deepen your spirituality and inner growth. Meditate, contemplate, and reflect on your inner personal core. Also looking forward to 10/3 and New Moon in Pisces, the absolute dreamiest party-time coming up!

By Tanja Dyredand ©

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