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Article: What your lip look is missing: The Perfect Lipliner

What your lip look is missing: The Perfect Lipliner

What your lip look is missing: The Perfect Lipliner

Enhance your lip look with the precision of a lipliner, a simple step that can elevate your lipstick or lip gloss application. By defining the edges of your lips with crisp lines, a lipliner not only extends the wear of your chosen lip product but also facilitates smooth and even color distribution.

Rather than accumulating numerous lipsticks, consider investing in a selection of versatile lip liners. Mixing and matching these can transform the appearance of your lipstick, offering a variety of effects without overwhelming your makeup collection.

For a harmonious pairing, consider IDUN Minerals Cream Lipstick in the shade Alice. This elegant pink nude hue, complemented by a subtle shimmer, seamlessly complements many of our lip liners. Use it for a flawless touch-up following your Lipliner application, ensuring a polished and long-lasting finish.

Four Original Lipliners

IDUN Minerals Lipliner has a unique balance of emollient ingredients, waxes and highly purified minerals. The creamy texture gives a silky and matte finish. Enriched with nourishing jojoba oil to keep your lips soft and moisturized.

Lipliner Greta - This is the perfect cool burgundy shade that pairs perfectly with IDUN Minerals Lip Gloss Violetta

Lipliner Bibi - Bibi is a soft light pink shade that is easy to complement with many of IDUN Minerals lip products. For example, IDUN Minerals Cream Lipstick Elise, Alice & Frida, IDUN Minerals Lip Gloss Charlotte, Louise & Anna and IDUN Minerals Oil-Infused Tinted Lip Elixir Linnea & Malva

Lipliner Harriet - This is a brown beige shade that is absolutely perfect to wear by itself but of course becomes even more beautiful with IDUN Minerals Lip Gloss Josephine

Lipliner Anita - A luxurious red shade that is flirty on the lips. To get cherry lips, we recommend wearing IDUN Minerals Lip Gloss Marleen or IDUN Minerals Matte Lipstick Jordgubb. It will be the perfect cherry lip combo.

Four New Lipliner Shades

We now welcome IDUN Minerals new lipliners with the same long-lasting formula but now in four classic nude shades.  

Lipliner Margaretha - This is the perfect warm auburn shade that looks great with IDUN Minerals Oil-Infused Lip Elixir Malva and if you prefer a matte lip then we recommend IDUN Minerals Matte Lipstick Körsbär. 

Lipliner Ingrid - This is a classic brown shade that you can wear with IDUN Minerals Cream Lipstick Katja. It makes for an elegant brown combination. 

Lipliner Lena - This is a beautiful nude pink shade that we think looks great with IDUN Minerals Lipgloss Ronja

Lipliner Maud - This is the most gorgeous mauve shade that you can wear with IDUN Minerals Oil-Infused Lip Elixir Linnea. You can also create a stunning effect by using Lipliner Maud to define the lip contours and then applying Matte Lipstick Hjortron in the center of the lips for a soft ombré effect that catches the eye.

Find Your Perfect Nude Shade

If you're new to using lipliner and have an array of lipstick shades, discovering your perfect nude color is key. This involves identifying a lipliner that closely matches the natural shade of your lips. Take a moment to observe the undertones of your lips—are they red, pink, brown, or perhaps with a hint of purple? Select a lip pencil from the IDUN Minerals collection that closely resembles your lip shade, serving as an ideal base for other lipsticks that harmonize with your natural color.

When matching lipstick to your natural lip tone, consider the undertones that complement your skin tone best for a flattering finish.

Create Balance & Symmetry

When beginning your lipliner application, prioritize correcting any imbalances or asymmetry in your lip shape. Always adhere to the natural contours, starting with refining the top and bottom edges before gently blending the lines for a plumping effect, akin to contouring for your lips. With IDUN Minerals Lipliners, precision is effortless thanks to the built-in sharpener for crisp lines and an eraser for seamlessly blending transitions. This feature proves invaluable for softening harsh lines and addressing minor mistakes.

Should your lipliner possess an overly sharp tip, consider gently dulling it before use to achieve a smoother, more natural outline. Overly sharp lines can appear stark and unnatural beneath your chosen lip product, so aim for a softer, more blended finish for a flawless look.

Try a Fresh Ombré

For precise and balanced lip definition, always follow your natural lip line, or slightly above if aiming to avoid a wavering appearance. Begin at the cupid's bow, forming a subtle V-shape, then employ gentle, short strokes along the lip contours, ensuring to merge the upper and lower lip lines for a fuller, more defined look. For added volume, consider tracing slightly above the lip line, yet maintain a natural transition. Blend, blend, blend!

During application, adjust the cupid's bow shape to your preference, whether favoring a rounded or pointed contour. An essential tip is to fill the space between the line and your lips to seamlessly blend the lipliner with your lipstick, avoiding any harsh edges. Remember, blending is key for a flawless finish!

Once you've outlined your lips, consider filling in the corners to create a gradient effect, darker on the outer edges and lighter towards the center. Alternatively, for a more opaque look, fill in the entire lip with the lipliner, a technique that pairs well with IDUN Minerals Lipgloss for added shine.

For a striking gradient effect, utilize a darker lipliner on the outer edges and a lighter lipstick shade on the inside, such as IDUN Minerals Cream Lipstick in the shade Alice.

To achieve a smudged finish, leave the center of the lips bare and apply a darker lipliner along the edges, gently smudging inward. This technique adds dimension and depth to your lip look.

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