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Article: Choosing and Applying the Perfect Bronzer: IDUN Minerals' Sun-Kissed Secret

Choosing and Applying the Perfect Bronzer: IDUN Minerals' Sun-Kissed Secret

Choosing and Applying the Perfect Bronzer: IDUN Minerals' Sun-Kissed Secret

How to pick a bronzer

For a sun-kissed look all year round, a bronzer is the perfect product to add to your makeup routine. By applying bronzer to specific areas of the face, you can define, shape, and add warmth to your complexion with a matte or luminous finish.

Whether you want to give your winter skin a radiant warm look, or enhance your summer tan, IDUN Minerals has a variety of shade options.

Our bronzers are vegan and made from highly purified minerals that are suitable even for those with sensitive skin. The richly pigmented formula is easy to apply and gives a natural result that lasts all day.

Two new shades have recently been launched, expanding the range to a total of four bronzers.

Let us dive into the bronzer world and help you find the right one for you!

What shades do we have?

Sommardröm: a warm, matte shade

Midnattssol: a cool, shimmering shade

Midsommar: a radiant, glowing warm brown shade

Skymning: a deep brown contour shade

How should you apply bronzer?

Sun-kissed look: Apply where the sun usually hits your face, such as the forehead, cheeks, and nose. Apply with IDUN Minerals Bronzer/Blush Brush, or Pro Tapered Powder Brush.

Contouring: To define the contours of your face, ideally apply a matte bronzer to create a shadow-like effect. Apply to the cheekbones, jawline, side of the nose and hairline on the forehead. Use IDUN Minerals Face Definer Brush or Bronzer/Blush Brush.

If you want to add both colour and contour to the face, whether in a matte or luminous finish, take your favorite shade of bronzer and gently sweep it over the forehead, cheekbones, jawline and nose. Use a larger, fluffier brush to easily sweep over broader areas, or a smaller to medium-sized brush for a more precise application.

Don't forget that bronzers work perfectly as eyeshadows, to complete your look and give focus to the eyes.

A tip is to apply a little product at a time, which makes it easier to get an even result, and smoother application.

The Bronzers packaging are produced in Europe and made of FSC-certified paper. After use, the metal pan is designed to be easily separated - simply press out the plate from below to release it, then sort as metal and paper.

In a climate impact study we conducted together with U&We, European paper demonstrated a 75% reduction in climate emissions compared to the previous plastic packaging that was produced in Asia. Read more about this here.

The packaging is light, slim and easy to carry in your bag, and will not break if dropped.

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