39 kr
The essential tool for thoroughly clean brushes. IDUN Minerals Brush Cleaner Palette boasts four different small silicone patterns that enable a deep cleaning of all sizes of brushes. The elevated silicon textures separate bristles, sweeping away any reminiscent of makeup, oil or impurities from the brushes, extending their life and quality of application.

Lightly soak the brush bristles with lukewarm water and, using IDUN Minerals Brush Cleaner, spray and swirl the brush tip across the different patterns of the palette until clean. Rinse thoroughly and be careful not to soak the bristles at the base to prevent loosening the brush head. Rest the brushes flat across a surface and let dry.

What It Is

Apple shaped brush cleaner pattern featuring 4 different elevated patterns.

What It Does

The small silicone raised textures separate the brush bristles ensuring a deep, thorough cleaning of impurities.

The Result

Freshly cleaned brushes in peak performing-condition.