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A modern, state-of-the-art primer formulated with charcoal powder, IDUN Minerals Iris Face Primer is designed to extend the wear of your foundation, leaving an ultra-silky smooth satin canvas. Suitable for all skin tones, can be used to prime any foundation shade, giving it its Greek name Iris - translated rainbow.

26 ml / 0.88 fl oz

Apply evenly over cleansed face before applying foundation using the silicone side of IDUN Minerals Priming & Blotting Dual Sponge blending out in a patting motion until grey colour fades and becomes transparent. Can also be applied on eyelids as an eyeshadow primer.

Charcoal Powder Ingredient that has antimicrobial properties, helping reduce bacteria on the skin.

What It Is

The perfect prep for foundation and makeup application, formulated with charcoal powder.

What It Does

Extends the quality of your foundation’s wear and is the ideal base for perfecting your skin by evening out texture and diminishing the look of pores.

The Result

An ultra silky, smooth and satin like canvas, ready for your foundation.

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