89 kr
Luxe, two-fold, slender sponge. IDUN Minerals Priming & Blotting Dual Sponge features two distinct textures for a multifunctional application. The smooth, silicon side is perfect for blending creamy and priming products to a seamless finish and the soft, velvety side for blotting away excess oil throughout the day.

Using the silicon side, blend IDUN Minerals Face Primer Iris until the grey colour becomes transparent. Using the velvety soft side, blot the skin to remove excess oil.

What It Is

Slender sponge featuring one silicon side and one velvety side.

What It Does

The silicon side seamlessly blends away harsh lines and the velvety side gently blots the skin removing excess oil.

The Result

Flawless skin, prepped and primed to perfection.