RMA Beauty Collab

IDUN Minerals is excited to launch two new exclusive kits with the professional makeup artist and Norwegian influencer, Ragnhild Margrethe.

In an interview for IDUN Minerals, RMA Beauty describes the collaboration and gives exclusive tips and tricks on how to use her kits.

Why did you want to collab with IDUN Minerals?

The very first time I tried IDUN Minerals, I knew I wanted to be more involved. The quality is spectacular, and ongoing through every product I tried. Finding this quality in an ethically made, local and affordable brand just made it clear; I need to be in on this.

What do you love about each product in the Lip Kit?

I love the “Harriet” lipliner for its capability to both transform your lips as well as just enhancing your own. It sits all day, and the colour is a perfect contour.

I love the “Josephine” and “Cornelia” lipglosses as they blend perfectly together and sticks to the lips for hours. “Josephine” is also beautiful on her own, and “Cornelia” can be used as an ombre effect to most colours!

Why do these products go well together?

The products in the lip kit goes well together because the colours both compliment each other, but also they are three different depths of natural tones. So in creating a lip look with light and shade, these are all you need.

What do you love about each product in the Touch Up Kit?

I love “TUVA” mattifying pressed powder because it really is an amazing setting powder between liquid and other powders, as well as the perfect touch up powder. It smoothes out the makeup and mattes down shiny areas.

I love the “SOMMARDRÖM” bronzer, first of all because it’s matte, and second, the colour is unbelievable. It just melts into the skin as a natural shade of your face. The pigment is set to perfection, so it doesn’t get patchy and is easy to apply.

I love the retractable Kabuki Brush since you can put it directly in your purse, with the powders, without getting makeup all over the insides.

Why do these products go well together?

The products in the Touch Up Kit is chosen out of experience with brides, photo shoots and generally years of wearing makeup myself. Through the day one usually needs to fresh up the lighter parts of the makeup as well as tone down the shiny parts, and To retrieve the glow and shade from a newly put on makeup, I use the bronzer, and the makeup suddenly looks all new again!

Who do you imagine these products are for?

These products are general must haves for anyone who wants to play around with makeup. I would also say they are both for the person who wants to learn the art of light and shade, which are the pillars of makeup artistry, and also for the person who wants to touch up the makeup like a professional through the day.

Do you have any application tips for consumers who are buying these kits?

Lip Kit

Start with the lipliner. Do you want to over line or keep it inside the lines? Up to you. Then put a thin layer of “Josephine” on the entire lip, and finish with a small amount of “Cornelia” just in the middle.

Touch Up Kit

Use the Retractable kabuki brush to apply. First “TUVA” on all the lighter parts of the makeup; forehead, under eyes, chin and jaw. The contour the face with “SOMMARDRÖM”; upper forehead, cheekbones and neck.

What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

Being creative. There are no boundaries, both work wise and makeup wise. With makeup you can do anything!

What would be your own inspirational quote that motivates you?

Makeup isn’t about changing your face, it’s about showing who you are.